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Why aluminum castings are widely used and how to solve the problem of porosity?


Why are aluminum castings widely used in some fields?

This is because the cast aluminum alloy used in the aluminum casting has some excellent properties.For example, if it is compared with cast iron and cast steel, it has lower density and higher strength, so it can effectively reduce weight.Therefore, in aviation, as well as power and transport machinery is widely used.

What is the future development trend of aluminum castings?

The future development trend of aluminum casting, from the current point of view, is very good.Because it has a lot of other materials or products do not sometimes, and its development in the casting industry, is also very good, by the customer's love and welcome.Therefore, according to the above elaboration, the above conclusions are drawn, and in this question, the answer is for the development trend is good.

Aluminum castings, if there are a lot of air holes, how to solve?

Aluminum castings, in simple terms, refer to aluminum or aluminum parts made from sand molds or metal molds and made from liquid aluminum or aluminum alloys.If there are a large number of air holes, the cold welder can be repaired with a mold to repair and solve the problem, thus eliminating the defect.

Of aluminum castings, through the above these problems, and give the specific answer, believe that as long as you seriously and timely grasp, then can let yourself some harvest, and you can also realize knowledge to practice, and its reasonable and flexible use of in practical work, thus, to improve the use effect of product.