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Application, treatment and solidification method of surface protection layer of aluminum casting


For the surface treatment of aluminum castings, it is also important not to rely solely on chemical methods and physical methods.Then dry, or let dry naturally.If the cast aluminum is to be painted, it must be finished as soon as possible and as clean as possible.Taken the right way and method, the surface of aluminum castings will be added smooth and durable.

Solidification mode of aluminum casting:

Is a form of solidification, solidification is the solidification of layers: step by step a aluminum exist two kinds of state of the coexistence of period of time, so I use a line can be divided into internal and external layer of aluminum, aluminum liquid after the temperature of the temperature of the fall, will condense into a solid, slowly you will reach the aluminum casting center, is called coagulation step by step in the condensation mode.

Another way of solidification is confused solidification. The so-called confused solidification means that the temperature range of aluminum alloy crystallization is relatively wide, so the temperature distribution in the aluminum casting is relatively flat, but the crystallization is relatively narrow, so there will be a situation of solid and liquid in two states, just like the solidification of cement.From a hazy state to a solidified state.

There is also the way of solidification, that is, the middle of the solidification, the solidification of this way is between layer by layer solidification and confused solidification.

In order to provide customers with good aluminum casting products and reduce labor costs, it is appropriate to choose a good solidification method.