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Precautions and transportation requirements for aluminum castings


Aluminum casting is a very common component in our industry. To a certain extent, pure aluminum or aluminum alloy devices are obtained through casting and processing. Because of its good quality and stable performance, aluminum casting has been widely used.

Advantages of aluminum casting:

1.Aluminum castings are beautiful in appearance and light in weight, so that they can be transported conveniently, which is also a big advantage in automobiles.

2.the density of aluminum castings, when used to be significantly less than its cast steel and cast iron, the product in the strength and corrosion resistance, so will be much higher, the product under the same load weight, such use of aluminum castings can greatly reduce the weight of its structure.

3.aluminum casting materials such as its surface, the surface gloss is very good, casting performance is good.

The quality of aluminum castings is very light, beautiful and corrosion resistance and other advantages, to a certain extent, other castings are incomparable advantages, so that it is deeply loved, especially cast aluminum alloy castings in the automotive industry has been widely used, the above is the advantages of aluminum castings.

Is one of the casting of aluminum casting aluminum casting, the stand or fall of its in making the aluminum casting of aluminum die casting processing of product quality has an important role, so to require the use of aluminum die casting machinery and equipment, production process there is a lot of help, can improve the efficiency of the machine production, improve the quality of the products, plus get consumers to attract, so that the customer base.

Precautions for aluminum casting molds:

The aluminum casting mold in the beginning of the production process is to preheat the mold, so as to prevent in the cold mold suddenly encountered hot metal liquid and lead to the emergence of turtle cracks, more complex mold can use blowtorch, liquefied gas, good conditions with the mold temperature machine, relatively simple mold can use slow injection preheat.