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  Botou Xucheng machinofacture co., LTD. Is located in simen village, botou city, hebei province.Botou city has enjoyed the reputation of "foundry town" since ancient times.Located in railway, highway, Marine hub zone, traffic developed, the geographical position is superior.Located at the intersection of Beijing, tianjin, shijiazhuang and jinan, it is close to tianjin binhai new area, jingtang economic circle and bohai economic belt. It can not only accept the radiation of Beijing and tianjin, but also benefit from the industrial mutual assistance in the Yangtze river delta, jingjin and tangtang economic circle, and the beijing-shanghai expressway runs through the whole area.

【Botou xucheng machinofacture co., ltd. has a mold workshop with the ability to develop molds independently, which can save mold costs and time for customers.】
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  • 01
    The repair process of aluminum casting and the problems often occurred in casting 2019/02/18

    Aluminum casting repairing process, is in the process of operating in the filling material and material between the effective use of its atomic diffusion effectively sticky them up and use this method to repair the surface of aluminum castings.

  • 02
    What are the casting methods for aluminum castings and how to check the quality? 2019/02/18

    What about the inspection method and the internal quality?In addition, the quality of aluminum casting, mechanical products, whether it will have a great impact on the performance?

  • 03
    On how to cast aluminum castings? 2019/02/18

    When pouring aluminum castings, the thick straight runner is easy to produce binding porosity, so how to pour aluminum castings?Let's find out!

  • 04
    Why aluminum castings are widely used and how to solve the problem of porosity? 2019/02/18

    This is because the cast aluminum alloy used in the aluminum casting has some excellent properties.For example.

  • 05
    Precautions for use of aluminum alloy castings 2019/02/18

    In the process design, it is necessary to analyze the aluminum alloy casting.

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