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Optimization of aluminum alloy casting properties and the effect of degassing


In aluminum alloy casting, I believe that through the previous study, you can have some knowledge accumulated, if you have been concerned about the site, and seriously.So below, might as well in the existing basis, continue, so as to promote the product learning process, but also can let ourselves benefit.

1. Is there any optimization for aluminum alloy casting?

In aluminium alloy, if its composition is different, so, go up in physics or chemistry property, can differ somewhat, reflect to go up in aluminium alloy characteristic thereby, also be different.Therefore, the casting method should be reasonably selected, so as to effectively avoid some casting defects or problems and ensure the casting effect.

2. What are the properties of aluminum alloys used in aluminum alloy casting?Is it widely used?

The specific answers given by wuxi aluminum alloy foundry delixin are as follows:

The aluminum alloy used in aluminum alloy casting, from a professional point of view, it belongs to the non-ferrous metal structure materials, and its application can be said to be very wide, in aerospace, automobile, ship, machinery manufacturing and chemical industry, has a large number of applications, and in the requirements are more and more.

3. In the process of aluminum alloy casting, if the air and slag are not removed, what will be the influence on the casting?And can additives be used for degassing and slag removal?

In the process of aluminum alloy casting, if it is not degassing and slag removal, then the main influence on the casting is the two defects of sand holes and air holes, and this is certain.So can use additive, will undertake removing gas to remove slag job, want to choose proper nevertheless, control its dosage, in order to have good use effect.