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Precautions for use of aluminum alloy castings


In the process design, it is necessary to analyze the aluminum alloy casting, understand the process of aluminum alloy casting, and then design the structure of the blank, and select the processing benchmark of aluminum alloy casting, and design the process route of aluminum alloy casting.Then the size calculation of each step of the aluminum alloy casting process, the key is to determine the process equipment and cutting parameters of each process.Through this design, the theory and production practice will be combined, exercise their ability to analyze and solve problems, for the future work, study to lay a solid foundation.

In general, the details of aluminum alloy castings need to be refined. Some casting methods (such as investment casting and die casting) are better than others, but there are always some dimensional tolerances or geometric shapes that cannot be directly cast and machined.Usually, OEM or other end users will provide the casting to the machining shop, which will finish the casting and return to the OEM.Some processing workshops specialize in finishing aluminum alloy castings.However, some workshops are reluctant to process the castings, because the soot generated by the processing of aluminum alloy castings will drill into some parts of the processing tools, thus accelerating the wear of the tools and reducing the accuracy of the tools.

Complex structure of aluminium alloy casting machinery processing, design of a complex scaffold of aluminum alloy castings figure analysis, blank choice, process design, machining allowance, blank size, the size of the process and the design of the blank drawing, processing equipment and process equipment selection, cutting parameter and the selection of basic time, etc., and draw out of the aluminum alloy casting drawing, blank drawing, fill in process card, preparation course design specification.

Causes of air bubbles and defects in aluminum alloy castings

Causes of air bubble formation: first, the casting alloy is not stable and is involved in gas;2. Organic impurities are mixed in molding sand;Poor ventilation of casting mold and sand core;There are shrinkage holes on the surface of the chillers;Poor design of casting system;

How to prevent air bubbles: first, correctly grasp the pouring speed, to avoid being involved in the gas;2. Organic impurities shall not be mixed in molding sand to reduce the amount of gas emitted by molding materials;Iii. Improve the exhaust capacity of sand;Iv. Proper selection and treatment of chillers;V. improving the design of casting system;

The direct defects of aluminum alloy castings are usually caused by incorrect die and die casting schemes.Or lian casting structure design is not reasonable, and the operation method is not correct, and the casting process conditions are not correct;The operator is not skilled in several reasons, which will cause the aluminum alloy casting direct defects.

Aluminum alloy casting plays a very important role in the mechanical operation, we should pay attention to do not buy defective aluminum alloy casting, if you buy to repair in time before use.