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What are the casting methods for aluminum castings and how to check the quality?


What about the inspection method and the internal quality?In addition, the quality of aluminum casting, mechanical products, whether it will have a great impact on the performance?

1.What are the casting methods of aluminum castings?

Aluminum casting, can be used in the casting method, is a sand casting.In addition, compared with other casting methods, sand casting is a casting method with low cost, simple production process and short production cycle.For aluminum and aluminum alloy, the casting methods, mainly sand casting, die-casting, low-pressure casting, precision casting and lost foam casting, etc., can be used.

2.How to inspect the flaw detection method and internal quality of aluminum castings?

In aluminum castings, flaw detection methods are mainly ultrasonic, eddy current, audio frequency and gamma ray, etc., of which gamma ray includes X ray and gamma ray.And these also apply to the detection of its internal quality.And to the surface can use coloring method, magnetic powder method, etc., to check whether there are fine cracks.

3.Does the quality of aluminum casting have a great influence on the performance of mechanical products?

In this case, it can be said that the answer is yes, because in the machine tool, the wear resistance and dimensional stability of aluminum castings will affect the accuracy of machine tool processing and its service life.The strength and durability of aluminum castings have great influence on the working life of engines.

As for the aluminum casting, the above three questions are very important, because they are the basic knowledge and we have a comprehensive understanding of this product, so we should take them seriously.And master these, so for its practical application, is also very helpful, at least to improve the effect of use, and avoid some mistakes.