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The repair process of aluminum casting and the problems often occurred in casting


Aluminum casting repairing process, is in the process of operating in the filling material and material between the effective use of its atomic diffusion effectively sticky them up and use this method to repair the surface of aluminum castings, whether in color or hardness aspects they are all very perfect, there will be no microscopic cracks, can achieve high industrial requirements, repair not only high efficiency and has high economic benefit.

Aluminum castings in the operating process, the most effective on its surface or the interior, the two parts will be air hole and sand holes, etc., usually use the traditional repair way is to use the electric welding machine to be repaired, the hardness after welding repair way can make the welds are too high, easily in the aluminum casting internal stress, prone to deformation and crack, required annealing heat treatment after welding can meet the requirements.

When aluminum casting is used to repair the worn parts, the heat generated during welding is very small, so there is basically no hard spot, no color difference, no undercut and stress, and no crack.Generally, the height of plate aluminum castings is not high, but the large plane area is large.Generally, the wall thickness is uniform and the steel bars on the aluminum casting are crisscrossed.

1. Due to the large area of the large plane, it is easy to produce bending or distortion. The solution is as follows.Secondly, if the solid model, the wooden model in the appropriate position to add deformation bars.Third, the aluminum castings after casting, to be cooled after the unpacking.

2. Due to the large plane area, it is easy to generate air holes and oxidation inclusions on the large plane. The solution is to place the large plane to be processed down as far as possible when the casting location is designed under normal circumstances, so as to prevent the accumulation of oxidation inclusions on this surface.

3, because the wall thickness is thin, the steel plate crisscrosses, easy to produce cold isolation and insufficient casting defects, the solution is such as the aluminum castings wide, generally will be pouring, pouring system set in two sides, the sprue at the steel plate position, two pouring ladle pouring at the same time, to facilitate filling.