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Wide application of aluminum castings


Compared with other castings, the advantages of aluminum castings in the use of the process is indeed quite significant, in addition to the more intuitive appearance and light weight, aluminum castings also have corrosion resistance, which makes aluminum castings very popular among users.

In the field of the use of aluminum castings, the automotive industry occupies a large part, especially now the automotive industry attaches great importance to the characteristics of light weight, so aluminum castings can be widely used in the automotive industry.The density of aluminum castings is actually lighter than that of iron castings and steel castings, and the strength of aluminum castings is greater during use.

Do not look at the aluminum casting itself is very light, but it can bear a higher weight, the design of the effective reduction of the structural weight of the casting, so this kind of equipment in industry, transport machinery and power machinery to achieve a more extensive use.

And aluminum castings in fresh water and the atmosphere showed a very good corrosion resistance, which is why it can also be used in civil vessels manufacturing, especially pure aluminum in nitric acid and acetic acid and other oxidizing acid medium has a good corrosion resistance.

In the chemical industry, aluminum castings are also widely used, mainly using aluminum alloy or pure aluminum in the thermal conductivity, the aluminum castings can be used in the chemical production of heat exchange device and power machinery parts with good thermal conductivity.

With so many advantages, aluminum casting has effectively become the industry's direction of development and procurement customers are very fond of one of the casting products in the future is bound to have a good development.