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Mechanical properties and mold dimensions of aluminum castings


Aluminum castings in the fields of use, the car holds a large part of career in extent, especially in cars now surely particular emphasis on lightweight in the career of the properties, so the aluminum castings can get very widely used in car profession, the density of aluminum castings than their actual and the requirement of steel casting light, iron castings and aluminum castings in the process of using the intensity is larger.

Aluminum casting itself is very light, to a certain extent can be useful to accept higher weight, in the process of planning can be useful to reduce the structural weight of the casting, so such equipment in industry, transport machinery and power machinery to a relatively wide range of applications.

Aluminum castings to a certain extent in water and the atmosphere shows very outstanding corrosion resistance function, it is because of this will be useful in the folk utensils manufacturing, especially pure aluminum in nitric acid and acetic acid and other oxidizing acid medium has excellent corrosion resistance.

Aluminum castings in the chemical industry, the aluminum castings in use there will be more widely used, mainly USES the aluminum alloy in extent or pure aluminum in the function of thermal conductivity, useful to the manufacture of products can be used in the process of chemical production of heat exchange equipment and machinery must has good heat conduction function of parts.

Mechanical properties of aluminum castings:

Aluminum castings at runtime is mainly used in the process of the casting mould sample inspection, its mechanical performance should be consistent with the fixed in extent, should be used when operating casting mould experience of ontology, its designated parts for mechanical properties of the sample shall not be less than 75% of the single casting sample, if you have special requirements, may be agreed upon by both parties of supply and demand.Casting mold size of aluminum casting:

1.The geometric shape and size of the casting mold shall conform to the provisions of the casting pattern.

2.Dimensional tolerances of casting molds shall be implemented in accordance with relevant provisions.Special regulations and requirements shall be indicated on the drawings.

3.Casting mold physical tolerance requirements.

4.The dimensional tolerance of the casting mold does not include the casting gradient, and the machined surface shall not be machined: the subsuming surface shall be based on the small end, and the subsumed surface shall Be based on the large end. The subsumed surface shall be based on the large end, and the subsumed surface shall be based on the small end.